A sweet Future for a little blood

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(PRWEB) August 15, 2004

From the Publisher

SPX Publishers in alliance with Outskirts Press, would like to introduce, Richard Lee’s Re-Entry of Evil. A book, exploiting the life of Peter Clement, a down on his luck antique dealer who discovers (with a touch of help from Mephistopheles) a book designed to grant all his earthly desires. And the price is reasonable – One soul. His.

We’ve heard this blood feast before, hundreds perhaps thousands of times before – but Richard’s added a twist: Peter didn’t enter Hell when he died… He didn’t lose his soul, it’s safe and sound. Instead Peter went to a special prison. A prison locked inside his dagger. And with a little blood, he can return.

And he does, almost 400 years in the future.

Fast forward to the year 2368. The Arabian/German front is building up to the forth world war, the world president is trying to stop it – but not very hard. Christianity is on the brink of ending. Amongst all this is Rachael, an archeology student who as a child hard a crush on Peter Clement, the most successful salesman the world has ever known. On a dig for her school, she and her friends enter a time slip and arrive in Opera Sands, the day after Peter has killed himself. They find his house and venture inside. Demons assault them, Rachael finds Peter’s special dagger and takes it. Re-entering the time slip they arrive 3 weeks later in their time zone. The war has started, and at the gates to the domed city the student team is attacked. They escape and in doing so, Rachael cuts herself on the dagger, a deep cut.

In Peter’s Hell (which is the hilt of the dagger) a torrent of blood soaks him, he hears his demon friend’s voice and sees the white tunnel for his re-entry.

He enters the real world at Rachael’s house in time to save her from being assaulted by her violent ex-boyfriend. Her crush returns as full blown love. Peter is weak, he needs blood to enter the dagger so it will grant him strength. Rachael agrees to help him. On their way out of the house, Peter collapses from lack of energy. Rachael’s close friend and fellow archeology student arrives at her house. Peter attacks him, but it is Rachael who plunges the dagger into her friend, cementing his trust in her.

Peter’s main goal is to find his computer and recite the book he has written. It must be done in a church built the old fashioned way, to bring forth Satan and all hells glory.

About the Author

Richard Lee is the author of the acclaimed novel, ‘Blood of the Wolf’, A Season of Darkness and also the SF/Horror Crossover for which a sequel is currently being written. His next novel The Game is expected out early in 2005. Details of his books and his thoughts on writing can be found at this website along with many other resources, links, book and DVD reviews, articles on the writing life.

He is a column writer for Camp Horror, and has edited 6 anthologies to date and is the editor at Sinisteria Horror Magazine.

Also you’ll find many of his stories on his homepage.

Excerpted from Re-Entry of Evil by Richard Lee. Copyright © 2004. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

The devil sat on his fiery throne in the sulfur filled city of Hell. He looked down at the towering buildings, bustling streets and the violence. Murders, rapes, fights. Standard order of the day. It was all so boring. He was so very tired of humanity and their pathetic weaknesses. The greed and the ‘want’ were constant.

He wanted to ruin humanity, destroy his father’s creatures, the idiotic monkeys they were and to do that he needed to be on the Earth in solid form.

And so he created a book. A book that preyed on the greed of Man and in turn collected souls for torture. Yet none of the apes in control of the book had found the real purpose of it. It’s intended reason for existence and the devil feared no Man-Creature would ever have the brains to work it out.

He needed someone with the skill to rewrite the passages; a separate wording is all that was needed. So simple monkeys should be able to do it.

The devil needed someone desperate enough to sign the book and smart enough to rewrite it. A talking monkey that would bring him forth.

He needed that man right there in Opera Sands. He would send Mephistopheles to talk with him. To strike a bargain for the devil…

Mephistopheles has offered Peter a book, a book that will bring his wildest wishes to reality. The price? Just a little blood.

20 years later, it is time to give his soul to the dark lord, but Peter wants to return and he’s just found a loophole to make that possible.

He returns in the year 2368, just as the Arabian/German Front is building up to the forth world war.

Christianity is almost non-existent, and Peter will bring forth his Lord, his Master, The Dark One.

The timing couldn’t have been better.

Re-Entry of Evil

ISBN: 1-932672-13-3

SPX Publishing Group / Outskirts Press

Release Date: August/September 2004

Website: http://OutskirtsPress.com/reentryofevil

RRP: $ 13.95 (USD)

6X9 paperback: 348 pages

Wholesale Margin: Retailer margin will be 20 %

Editorial Reviews

Rick Mohr – syndicated reviewer, July 2004

“His ability to craft a chilling tale takes a back-seat to no one in the field today.”

T. M. Gray – “A book with pages of human skin parchment–Re-Entry of Evil packs the action!”

Stephanie Simpson-Woods June 2004 – “…will grab you by the throat, spin you around, throw you to your knees, making you beg for more.

Hertzan Chimera – surrealist

“I finished reading it behind the couch.”

Review by Nancy Jackson

Rick Mohr Reviews

When the blood spills, souls are taken. In fewer words than that, this book will hook you. Brimming with a complex plotline, vivid imagery, and gut-wrenching suspense, Re-entry of Evil will no doubt knock you for a loop. Deeming himself as a master of horror, Richard Lee proves he knows how to twist both your insides and your mind.

This talented author has put together a delicious array of darkness, combining time travel, altars, daggers made from blood, a book that may save or end your life and souls seeking revenge. Add to that intriguing characters, demons, solid dialogue and sinister atmosphere, and you have a fantastic novel that will get keep blood pumping and your heart racing. While it is indeed a work of horror, it’s also a mix of gothic, sci-fi, and true macabre scenarios; unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

I found myself lost in the mind of Peter Clement, owner of an antique shop left to him by his father. There are secrets that lie in the shop, and once he learns of it, everything changes. Almost overnight, the character is thrust into a mad, dark world, one that involves a dagger that sucks in both people and blood like a portal. He finds a book, a kind of “devil’s wish book”, one created by the devil himself with intent to prey on the greed of man, and Peter must learn how to use its content wisely and still remain alive.

We ourselves enter new realms where we learn about places like Area City, Opera Sands, and Earth 2, and meet figures such as the elusive Meph-Man, No Neck, and the tortured souls of those Peter has killed and collected.

When the devil wrote the book, he had hoped there would be one who could decipher the real purpose of the book, someone to get in deep, and perhaps bring him right into their world. Is Peter the one he can count on, or is there something else in store for him?

It’s a gripping book, truly an art of page-turning situations and an incredible use of imagination. From the beginning you are cast along on a journey that sucks in your mind, body, and soul until the climatic yet satisfying ending.

Richard Lee can count himself as a writer with substance, style, and a solid future in horror and the macabre. I look forward to reading any and all of his future works, hoping to be terrified, surprised, and as thoroughly intrigued, as Re-entry of Evil was for me.

REVIEW By Louise Bohmer for Night Allusions

Remember when you were a kid, and Grandma used to tell you to stay away from that dark cellar door. You didn’t listen … did you? Re-Entry of Evil, the new novel from horror author Richard Lee, is that dark cellar door, beckoning to you. Once you open the cover, and begin the dark journey through this novel’s pages, be ready to sleep with your lights on.

Enter the mind of Peter Clement-a simple man, when we first meet him in the opening of Re-entry of Evil, who owns an antique shop handed down to him from his father. But once Peter finds the devil’s wish book, his life will never be the same. With the help of the Meph Man, Peter begins his descent into a world filled with ultimate power and unforgettable terror.

Re-entry of Evil offers up the perfect recipe for a good long-lasting scare. Take a healthy helping of horror, add a pinch of science- fiction and a generous dash of action, and you have the page turning read that fuels this heart-pounding novel.

Horror author Richard Lee offers you a sneak-up-and grab-you creep out with Re-entry of Evil. So go ahead, read the first page, open those cellar doors, and take the black, wispy hand that summons you into the heart of an unstoppable plot. Re-entry of Evil will have you in its grip after the first sentence, and I guarantee you’ll be back for more of Richard Lee’s gripping, creepy tales.

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