Bestselling author campaigns to stop e-book piracy

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(PRWEB UK) 2 September 2014

Following the huge success of her contemporary novels known as ‘The Remembrance Trilogy’, author Kahlen Aymes has been listed as a Bestselling Author by USA Today and continues to build on that reputation with new material.

However, Aymes has also noticed that with success comes a pitfall, as pirates target accomplished authors work and offer illegal downloads. Readers – often believing they are doing a good deed by providing files to others for free – also upload popular books to torrent sites; not knowing they are doing anything wrong. On pirate web sites, however, while the files may be offered for illegal download, the crime may be two-fold. Popular titles are also used to lure users into downloading a plug-in which may infect their computer with a virus that allows personal information to be stolen for identity theft and other crimes. Uploading a copyrighted file for free downloads AND downloading it, are equally criminal acts.

These practices, which adversely affect writers, publishers and the publishing industry as a whole, are theft and copyright violation in the eyes of the law, are increasingly common with the advent of e-books. The author is now working to raise awareness of the issue.

Kahlen is doing so with the help of MUSO, a company who are already world leaders in developing anti-piracy technologies for the film and music industries. The collaboration has already had an effect, removing thousands of illegal copies of Aymes’ books from online sources as well as clamping down on those who are sharing them.

In doing this, MUSO and Kahlen Aymes hope to demonstrate to readers and consumers of books that uploading their material is not only illegal but also robs their favourite authors of their livelihoods.

If you are aware of any sites which are offering pirated e-books please contact MUSO

For More Information please contact Vicky Berry at vicky(at)quitegreat(dot)co(dot)uk or Quite Great Music Marketing

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