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Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 15, 2006

Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film production, today announced the release of Boris Blue version 1.0. Boris Blue is a 3D compositing and motion graphics application based on the award-winning Boris technology. Boris Blue is a stand-alone Windows XP application that combines the legendary Boris 3D creativity with real-time performance. The Boris Blue toolset offers motion graphic artists and video editors an extensive range of real-time compositing and effects creation capabilities including; 3D model import and animation, advanced 2D and 3D compositing, titling, particle creation, and motion tracking. Video professionals can purchase Boris Blue bundled with NVIDIA graphics card through Boris FX and the Boris FX reseller channel.

“We work in a client driven business that expects visually stunning results every time and at a moment’s notice. It really is an instant gratification world,” comments Steve Oakley of Practical Illusions, digital illusionist and Boris Blue user. “Boris Blue gives me not only the capabilities to create that distinct imagery and any wild look my clients seek – it does so with the speed necessary to meet even the most crushing of deadlines. The real-time 3D capabilities are something we’ve been pushing pretty often for upping the look of what we are delivering and Blue has made our life a lot better. We’ve stacked up a couple dozen layers in 3D space and animated it, and it all played back in real-time. It is a joy to hit the space bar and watch this sort of thing play without rendering.”

“Blue leverages the power of NVIDIA‘s programmable Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cards to provide hardware-based rendering,” said Boris FX founder and president Boris Yamnitsky. “With advanced 3D capabilities and innovative pixel shaders, Boris Blue will deliver ‘Front Room’ performance at an affordable price”.

Real 3D for Post Production

Boris Blue takes 3D to the next step and addresses the needs of video professionals who demand true 3D looks for their projects. Features such as custom bevels and imported 3D models provide further sophistication to 3D graphics compositing. Free-form 3D deformers and Type On effects increase the range of the animation options available to the user. Adjustments can be made without stopping the real-time playback during a client-supervised session.

Designed specifically for compositors and video editors, Boris Blue allows artists familiar with Avid FX and Boris Red to create their 3D projects without the complex learning curves associated with 3D applications. Valuable non-linear editing systems and applications are no longer bogged down with complicated 3D render projects, further optimizing the post workflow process with Blue’s real-time 3D creation.

Boris Blue Feature Highlights

Adjust parameters with interactive real-time playback, including streaming video and audio.

Direct streaming of video and audio from a hard drive.

Powerful 3D Particles use any shape as a particle while emitters can include multiple particle types. Multiple attractors and repellers provide dynamic particle interaction.

Extrude text, custom splines or imported EPS files with custom bevels and surfaces.

3D Model Import preserves individual geometry groups, texture maps, and bump maps.

Sophisticated Materials include Texture Maps, Bump Maps, and dynamic Reflection Maps with per pixel lighting controls.

Vertex Deformers provide true 3D warping of 3D objects.

Image Processors and Generators include keying, tinting and toning, distortions, and transitions.

Masking, compositing, and color effects provide precise control and RT performance.

OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering lets you export High Quality movies at or near real-time speed.

Boris Blue at NAB 2006

Boris Blue version 1.0 will be demonstrated at NAB 2006 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 24-27 in booth SL2596. Boris FX will also showcase other integrated solutions including Red, Final Effects Complete and version 4.1 of Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) at NAB 2006. Blue will also be shown at the Boris FX NAB User Group on Sunday, April 23, at 3:30 pm. This event will take place at the Las Vegas Hilton, 3000 Paradise Rd. in the Ballrooms D-E.

Pricing and Availability

Boris Blue is available through the Boris FX worldwide reseller channel and direct through Boris FX for $ 1995 US SRP or bundled with the NVIDEA Quadro FX 4500 for $ 3495.00 US SRP and NVIDEA GeForce 7800 GTX for $ 2295.00 US SRP.

Boris Red owners can purchase Boris Blue for $ 995.

Boris Blue 1.0 requires Windows XP and an NVIDIA graphics card (please visit for specific NVIDIA card and configuration requirements). Trial versions of all Boris solutions can be downloaded from the Boris FX web site.

About Boris FX

Founded in 1995 in Boston MA, Boris FX is the leading developer of integrated graphics and effects technology, delivering 3D compositing and vector graphic products for the broadcast, post production, film and multi-media industries. Since the company’s inception, Boris products have grown to serve over 200,000 artists worldwide. A great part of its success lies in the ability to tightly integrate and leverage technologies through strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers including Adobe®, Apple®, Autodesk®, Avid®, Canopus®, Discreet®, Eyeon®, in-sync®, Incite®, Leitch®, Matrox®, Media 100, Quantel®, Sony Pictures Digital®, and Ulead®. For details, visit


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