Announces Plans to Discontinue CD and DVD Service

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) June 26, 2014 and have been a mainstay in the CD/DVD pressing industry. Today, the CD business is still strong, but has been facing heavy competition from downloads and streaming. The DVD sales are still robust due to movie rentals such as Redbox; however, the decision to discontinue the company was made due to the fact that is a family-owned business with other unrelated financial interests.

Wayne Gathright, CEO says, “We will be selling some valuable domain names along with the business. Such exact match keyword domains are a huge factor in the success of organic searches in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We feel that the acquisition of those domain names have been a huge factor in our success.”

The term ‘cd pressing’ is one of the top keywords in the industry, and has leveraged that fact to maintain a strong presence in Google searches. It currently ranks near the top in searches on Bing and Yahoo as well. CD duplication is a term normally used for short-run burning of CDs, and CD replication is normally used for automated cd pressing for large quantities. The term ‘cd pressing’ can be used for either.

The company also owns and operates the website ‘,’ which focuses primarily on DVD duplication and replication for business. The search term ‘dvd makers’ is also a popular term used by search customers. DVDs can be ordered in small or large quantities either in bulk wrapping or in individual video cases.

About was founded in Austin, Texas in 1995 by Wayne Gathright, and has grown into a top player in the industry. It started to provide a service for musicians in a local studio, and soon expanded to serve clients nationally. The company has pressed hundreds of thousands of CDs and DVDs for musicians and businesses throughout the United States.

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