Chrome Add on Suite Gives Superior Privacy and Security

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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

idcloak publishes a new article in its Knowledge Center – BEST CHROME ADD ON SUITE FOR BETTER PRIVACY AND SECURITY. Instead of reviewing individual extensions, the piece looks at how several Chrome extensions can work together to provide cooperative protection.

“Chrome users need more than just individual recommendations where privacy and security is concerned, they have to start thinking in terms of collective protection,” says the author of the article, idcloak’s Robin Welles. “Even more experienced users tend to focus on the individual benefits of specific add ons; very few of them consider how multiple extensions work together. Our recommendations serve four main functions: privacy from search engines, connection security, anti-tracking and anti-malware.”

The suite recommended in the article consists of the following tools:

LastPass Chrome. Although more than a simple Chrome extension, this free password manager allows users to create high security passwords, store them securely on their machine and instantly apply them to any login field on any site.

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome. This extension ensures the user always connects to sites over an encrypted connection if available.

Web of Trust. A peer-based site evaluation system which warns users of untrustworthy sites before they click on them – preventing careless visits to potentially dangerous or invasive sites. WoT integrates its rating system neatly into search engine results.

AdBlock Plus Chrome. This extension gives the user control over which sites can display what kinds of adverts. By denying certain ads, the user will prevent websites from tracking their online activity through ad-hosted web bugs and cookies.

Chrome StartPage Addon. Startpage is an anonymous search engine which does not record a user’s searches or their IP address, something commonly done by major search engines. Startpage privately accesses Google on the user’s behalf so there is no drop in the quality of search results compared to accessing Google directly.

Anonymous VPN. This high-level privacy and security service is recommended to support the work of browser-based add ons. Managed by software, VPN services carry all internet programs, not just the browser, which means Skype, torrents and instant messagers are also fully protected.

idcloak is a provider of security and privacy web solutions. Its Knowledge Center has published some 700 educational articles which help users stay in control of their web experience.

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