Daw Web Hosting Blog Warns The Web Became A Part Of Political Agenda?

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New York, NY (PRWEB) May 26, 2006

The Daw ( http://www.dawhb.com ), one of the web hosting industry’s premier blogs published an article on how the web is becoming a part of political debate in United States. The blogger Dimitar Avramov says that it is not a secret for anyone that as the Internet looms larger in American politics, lawmakers face a tough debate over how to balance election campaign finance restrictions and the free speech rights of web sites and Internet bloggers. The blog explains how the political debate threaten web.

Soft Money that political groups spend on web advertising change the way lawmakers see the web and its role in the election campaigns. Daw blog focus readers attention on a bill presented by the House leaders in March this year. It aims to exclude the Internet from restrictions on public communications under campaign law.

The blogger says debate over Web’s regulations “is about big ideas” all sides say they have bipartisan support.

Net’s Neutrality?

“A whole virtual world emerged only a decade since the commercialization of the Internet began. The number of users, the speed of Internet connections and the variety of things everyone can do online created web culture. This process has been accomplished with light regulatory and in some countries even out of any regulations. That means officials have not been involved in decision making process over how to develop the Net” says the author.

Blog claims that having a whole industry out of regulations has produced good results. Web surfers can make cheap or free phone calls, legally download music, movies and software. They can also watch a network television shows online. Some of the Internet business ideas succeeded, others failed. Many of them however would never have been even tested if a regulatory bodies such as national governments or the U.S. Federal Communications had to say “Yes” first!

Becoming a part of political agenda is a worst thing that may happen to Internet. The web improved a lot out of government control and probably is a better idea to keep it less regulated.

In it’s previous article, the Daw blog has recently posted an article about Yahoo’s plans to implement new search and content technologies that should help the Sunnyvale, California based company to close the “monetarization” gap with rival Google.

About DawHB.com:

DawHB.com ( http://www.dawhb.com ) web hosting blog has been launched in March 2006. The blog covers the web hosting and site promotion industry, starting with an newbie knowledge and finishing with the high-end issues. The blog publisher has been in the web hosting industry since 1999, working as a CEO of a web hosting company and then moving to website marketing and advertising business. He manages a network of web hosting, web design and web master related service directories that cover US, European and other regional markets.


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