Dr. Nathan Holman: Introducing a Marketing Program to Create Success Stories in the Travel Industry

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Wichita, KS (PRWEB) November 8, 2007

Travel + Modern Technology will soon be a Combination that changes the landscape of Home Based Entrepreneurship via a Unique Marketing program offered by Kansas native Dr. Nathan Holman. “What is generating so much excitement is individuals now have a chance to earn a CEO Level income in the booming Travel Industry with an Auto-Pilot program that eliminates the headaches of building success from home,” said the 44 year old Holman.

“I have a program that works 24/7 and is based around offering unlimited vacation vouchers,” said Holman. A Professionally Produced Flash Movie and Mini-Site Marketing System promotes what is referred to as the “Cruise to Cash” program and for entrepreneurs this means no answering questions or personal selling. “The CTC Movie and Website totally eliminates the major hurdles that contribute to a 97% first year fallout rate for Home Based business ventures ….. this is identical to being your own CEO and hiring your own sales force to generate all revenue.”

Holman has spent the last two decades as a Chiropractor and his business marketing experiences helped him realize the massive potential of this business model. “Everyone loves to travel and I have used Vacation Vouchers in my line of work as a method of thanking clients for their business,” said Holman. “What is so nice regarding the product offerings is the simplicity and diversification. The procedure involves a digital download offering trips to Hawaii, the Caribbean, 3 day weekend jaunts to Las Vegas and many more exotic locations. There is unlimited access to the Vouchers and individuals merely pay taxes on rooms and in the process will save thousands of dollars. Travel is the fastest growing industry in the world today and that fact tied in with our “Cash to Cruise” program is one reason I am actively promoting this program worldwide to entrepreneurs.”

The strength of the product offering is backed up by a compensation plan that will generate massive incomes in the upcoming years. “We are changing how commission plans are viewed by Home based entrepreneurs,” said Holman, “as the compensation plan offers commissions on the very first sale. None of the “traditional” compensation plans where associates are forced to give up 100% of commission on their initial 2 sales and we have built ina residual commission payout for every individual that you enroll into our program. There are 4 streams of income available with commissions ranging up to $ 997 per transaction paid directly to associates … this is not reused eBOOKS, Lotions or some miracle juice drink that offers a compensation program that creates a long turn around period before income is generated. The strength of Multiplication, generous payout plan and a world class marketing program makes me realize that I am part of something special.”

Holman has had great feedback on the initial rollout. “I played football thru college and beyond and the value of teamwork is what I stress to entrepreneurs that are serious about this program,” said Holman. “This is a great industry to be involved with and best selling author Robert Kyosaki emphasizes that the trend and the timing is perfect for individuals considering self employment opportunities in what currently is a $ 7 trillion dollar per year industry. Last year saw over 50,000,000 entrepreneurs searching for the perfect home based business… stop the time consuming searches and give me a call ASAP and let’s work together to make 2008 a memorable year!”

All inquiries regarding Dr. Holman’s business:

1) Via Online @ http://www.splashintocash.com / http://www.cruisewithnatetoday.com

2) Directly @ his Wichita office @ 316-461-1333

3) Questions emailed to drnatedc @ yahoo.com


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