DVR for Your Mobile: TV Anytime Keeps Users in the Loop With Their Favorite TV Shows and Movies

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San Jose, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2011

DDT Software, Inc today announced the launch of their first app, TV Anytime, a free DVR for mobile devices that gives users access to their favorite videos whenever they want them.

Being able to stream video content is great, but the ability to do so fast and at a cheap price is hard to come by, especially when relying on 3G or shared wifi. TV Anytime acts as a free DVR by recording users’ favorite videos to watch later on their Android or iOS device at their convenience. Users can select or subscribe to the shows and movies they love straight from their phone or tablet, and TV Anytime automatically records and stores it on their PC’s hard drive. After they’re recorded, content is downloaded to their mobile device via wifi or USB so it can be watched on the go. Finally, by signing in using each user’s unique Facebook login, shows become available to all of their devices.

“We created TV Anytime for us,“ according to Rich Heye, CEO of DDT. “We were always travelling and frustrated by how hard and expensive it was to watch video away from home.”

For users with an iOS device, movies and shows are connected to their PC using their home wifi, loading the newest episodes and movies even while their sleeping. The iPad is the premiere TV Anytime experience, however, as users can integrate with Airplay to put their content right onto their Apple TV.

With carrier companies charging more and more for data plans, TV Anytime can help cut back on cell phone bills too. “A GB of 3G bandwidth costs $ 10 – $ 20 today, “ says Heye, “when streaming you use around 300MB/hr of data. This means that watching a movie like ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo’ on your iPad over 3G costs as much as buying the Blue-ray.”

Because the content is preloaded, it even works offline for those on the go, including on planes and subways when traveling. An added bonus is that just like your home DVR, TV Anytime records commercials but gives you the option to fast forward or watch them. In addition, it comes with its very own catalog that currently has over 450 free TV Shows, literally 1,000’s of episodes to choose from. TV Anytime even works with a users Netflix account to get access to premium content.

For a limited time, TV Anytime is offering users who sign up before the end of 2011 complete access to the premium catalog for free for 2012. Otherwise users can still sign up for free, or sign up for the premium monthly service. Finally, users who refer others will get additional months of premium access for free!

About DDT Software,Inc.

DDT Software is an online video startup based in San Jose, CA. The name DDT represents the derivative with respect to time; a key feature of our first product: TV Anytime. For more information visit:

To check out the TV Anytime Website, click here:

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To check out the iPad App, click here:

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