Esorun Introduces Their Wireless External Hard Drive That Comes Out June 6

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Shenzhen, China (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Esorun’s latest wireless hard drive is compact and easy to take on the go. It can fit easily into a briefcase, a purse, or in a laptop bag. It is like having a home computer, but in a nice neat little box. All users can download music, movies, files or anything they have on their home computer to smartphones, PC’s or tablets. The new wireless hard drive is expected to hit the market.

So, if work needs to be done, and it can be taken home, this is the perfect way to do it. Just download the files needed from the work computer onto your external hard drive, and now it can easily be transferred to the home computer, laptop or tablet. For those who travel by bus or train, now this time can be used to get some work done before work or relax after work as you can watch a movie or listen to a favorite playlist of music on the smartphone or other devices.

The best part of this little box of wonders is: it has more features than just being a hard drive. It can also be used as a wireless router and a power bank. For example, if it is a beautiful day and the option to do work outside is available, just take this ingenious hard drive and turn it on and it is instantly a router, allowing users to have access to the internet. Another great use is to use it for power, if the mobile phone is dying, just take out this wireless hard drive and turn it off and viola instant power supply that will charge up the mobiles.

When tablets run out of WiFi storage, it can cost money to get more and the storage is not very big, now that can change with the new Esorun wireless external hard disk. A user can now extend their tablets or other devices’ storage up to 1000GB. This little drive may be small, but don’t let that be deceiving, it has a lot of storage and that means more availability for more data, movies, music and more. Everything can be in one place that can be transferred to any IOS, Mac, Windows and Android system with a hit of a button and a few clicks.

One of the greatest features of this device is that it is no bigger than a smartphone or camera. This company is committed to making it convenient to access all data needed without carrying heavy equipment. Esorun will be releasing their 3rd generation wireless hard drive for the company in June. Check out this device and many other gadgets on its official website.

About Shenzhen Esorun Tech.:

As an elite manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, power banks, wireless chargers and iPhone 5 battery case, Shenzhen Esorun has built its reputation on delivering the best accessories and peripheral products for the mobile technology marketplace. The company specializes in creating cutting-edge products for Apple iPhones and iPads and provides innovative accessories for these modern cellular devices, such as key chain chargers, allowing consumers to enjoy the most elegant solutions for all their communications needs.

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