France’s Toy of the Year Debuts in the United States

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Plano, TX (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Holograms, three-dimensional images, were once only the stuff of science fiction, starring in movies like Star Wars and Iron Man. Now holograms are not only a reality, they’re the product of HolograFX, named the hottest new toy in France that’s soon to reach the United States.

HolograFX, the latest invention from Plano, Texas-based specialty toy company Goliath Games, allows children to create holographic images – including self-images – with the use of a hologram theater, magician-quality illusions and yes – an app. This toy developer knows that today’s children rely on Smartphones for endless entertainment, and the exclusive downloadable app was the final touch in developing the special effects needed to put on an incredible hologram effects show.

With realistic three-dimensional imagery and ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ tricks, HolograFX uses an illusionary technique known as Pepper’s Ghost to deliver Hollywood-quality special effects. Entertainment magnets like Disney have used this technique for large-scale theme park attractions and movie effects, and now children (and fun-loving adults) can mystify friends and family with these same illusions.

Designed by an up-and-coming magician from Los Angeles, California, HolograFX is already garnering acclaim as the hottest toy of 2013 in the European market. It was recently named the Grand Prix du Jouet (Toy of the Year) in the electronics category as well as the Grand Prix Du Jouet De L’ Annee (Overall Toy of the Year) in France, beating out 13 other category winners for the top spot. With a reputation of predicting some of the hottest-selling toys in the United States, France’s toy spotters – who previously awarded top-sellers like Paper Jamz, V-Smile and Barbie Girl – are putting HolograFX in this elite category.

“We are honored that HolograFX has received the top toy honors in France, and we can’t wait for the US market to experience what we loved when we discovered this toy – a unique blend of leading-edge mobile technology and magician-quality effects,” says David Norman, president of Goliath Games. “Like a lot of adults and children, I remember the Star Wars scene where Princess Leia pleas for help via a holographic message. It seemed so futuristic at the time, yet now we are making imagery like this a fun reality with HolograFX.”

HolograFX is available for preorder for $ 35 per set at, and will debut at Toys R Us and other major U.S. retailers in the fall, 2013. The complete set includes:

    The hologram theater
    18 amazing illusions
    Downloadable app available at Google Apps Marketplace for Android™ and The App Store for iPhone™ and iPod Touch™

While a good magician never reveals all secrets, additional special effects are viewable here. It’s the stuff Harry Potter and his wand-wielding friends could only dream of – if only they had a Smartphone—and HolograFX.

For more information, contact Sara Furay at sara(at)goliathgames(dot)com or visit

About Goliath Games LLC

According to market researchers The NPD Group, Goliath Games is the fourth largest children’s game manufacturer in America. Fueled by his passion to bring new toys to the market, Adi Golad started Goliath in Holland in 1978. Today, Goliath sells more than 100 products worldwide, including Pop The Pig®, Domino Rally®, CrossX™ and more. Goliath opened its U.S. subsidiary, headed by board game expert David Norman, on July 4, 2008, and has been delivering innovative entertainment to children and adults in the U.S. ever since.

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