Gutter Helmet of Illinois Sets New Goals for the New Year in 2011 with an Announcement of a New Special Offer

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Naperville, IL (Vocus/PRWEB) January 06, 2011

Gutter Helmet of Illinois is setting its goals rooftop high for 2011 and is announcing new specials for the New Year.

“The Harder It Rains, the Better It Works”…”This is just one of the many compliments that we have received about the performance of Gutter Helmet in protecting homes from the damage that can result from clogged gutters—damage such as water backing up into the eaves and soffit, or dumping torrents onto expensive shrubs and bushes”, explains President of Gutter Helmet of Illinois, Linda Rezny. “So don’t just take our word for Gutter Helmet as the best gutter system; take a few minutes to listen to the customer videos available on our website. Then, I encourage you to take advantage of our newest special offer for 2011 and call us for a free gutter protection quote”, says Linda.

Gutter Protection for a Lifetime with Gutter Helmet installed… a permanent solution. Gutter Helmet’s patented design keeps out leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris to give you peace of mind and clean gutters. Rain water flows freely through your gutters and into the downspouts. With Gutter Helmet, you will Never Clean Your Gutters Again®. Avoid overflowing gutters, which can lead to rotting fascia boards and soffit, damaging your foundation, basement, crawl spaces and walls. Never again will rainwater destroy your landscaping by pouring off your roof.

Some of the Benefits:

Keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of your gutters.
Ensure that your home’s gutters remain free-flowing.
Deter rodents, birds, and mosquitoes, and help prevent other animal infestations.
Stay off that shaky ladder!

Unlike gutter screens, gutter mesh, gutter filters and other low-budget leaf guards you can find in your local big box stores, Gutter Helmet is a patented gutter protection system with a 100% guarantee, multiple patents and an endorsement from Willard Scott, formerly of NBC’s Today Show.

How does Gutter Helmet compare to gutter screens and other gutter protecting products?

The big difference is that other gutter protection products, like screens or grates, have vertical slots, louvers or other openings. No matter what, these openings allow leaves and debris to clog your gutters.

When you call Gutter Helmet of Illinois toll free on 877-500-3610 for a free consultation, demonstration of Gutter Helmet and installation quote, and you mention the phrase” Never Clean Your Gutter Again in 2011”, they will extend a New Year’s special discount of 20% off installation, plus an additional bonus discount of 11%. This current offer and bonus offer will only be available until January 11, 2011.

Gutter Helmet of Illinois proudly serves and provides installation of maintenance -free Gutter Helmet® gutter protection to all of Chicago-land throughout the counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake & McHenry.


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