Holistic Junction Presents Featured Authors and Artists on Weekly Winners and More Page May 30th!

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(PRWEB) June 1, 2004

Holistic Junction is exhibiting this weeks’ featured authors and artists. We would like to thank all of our valued contributors as they are a priceless resource to readers and viewers everywhere.

Our Featured Authors and Articles:

American Made by Sherry Asbury

“Divorce Advice: Getting Divorce Advice From the Right Source” by Karl Augustine

Ancient Wisdom – Can it Still be Applied Today? by C. Bailey-Lloyd

Nick Berg ‘Beheading’ Staged; US Involvement Possible ; My Personal Views on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ Global Warming vs Climate Change Studies and New Yellowstone Super-Volcano 4.0 mag. Earthquake by Mitch Battros

Syndrome X – What Is It and Have You Got It? by Kay Blackiston

I Remember Little Alexis by Greg Doyle

Don’t Ask Your Doctor by Maya Talisman Frost

The Power of Place – Pilgrimage and the Lure of Sacred Sites; Ocean, Lake, River and Spring – Sacred Waters, Myth and Transformation; The Magic Land: Pilgrimage in Ancient Europe and Sacred Mountains and Pilgrimage Traditions of China by Martin Gray

Karma in a Tea Cup by Ambreen Ishrat

Promote your website using Newsgroups by Nowshade Kabir

Healing Rescued Abused Animals – Recovery with Unconditional Love; Washed Whole in the Divine; Pet Cancer Prevention; Pet Euthanasia – ‘When It’s Time to Say Goodbye’; Pet Companions are Forever; New to DNA? ; Why Do I Hear So Much about DNA in Healing These Days? and When is the Perfect Time to Start on the Road to Good Health? by Margaret Loris RN MS

Five Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative World by Lucy MacDonald

Globalization: A Sweet Word Gone Bitter? ; How Essential Is The Offshoring Panic Really? and Be Your Own Refuge by Joan Marques

Bush-Cheney Attacks on Kerry – Fact or Fiction? and Bush Verses Kerry – Questions About Military Service Revisited by Evelyn Pringle

Behavioral Manifestations of Alzheimer’s Dementia by Michael Rayel

The Virtual Assistant by Lori Redfield

Creating Your Own Luck by Nan Russell

Another Yes: The Light in the Tree by Julie Jordan Scott

Book Review of The Seven Steps To Successful Relationships; Do You Have a Calling or Burning Desire? and Humility Gives You Power by Judi Singleton

What Kind of Success Pictures Are You Making? by Jan Tincher

Divorce as a Re-Distributive Mechanism and Divorce – Working with Professionals by Sam Vaknin

Feeling Frisky? Herbs for Fertility by Susun Weed

Our Featured Artists and Art:

Nature Speaks; Of What Dreams Are Made; Moonlight Swim; Butterfly; TANG; Torrent Waters and Lazy Pool Days by C Bailey-Lloyd

GEMINI by Lady Camelot

Door to the Spring Sanctuary of Ahura Mazda; Hari Mandir; Abode of Three Sea Goddesses; The Island of the Sun; The Ganges; Roman Temple of Aquae Sulis and Water Shrine by Martin Gray

To be considered for inclusion for our Weekly Winners and More feature, feel free to become a personal or Business Member at HolisticJunction.com and submit your original work to our site!

Please review our submission guidelines prior to sending in your articles and artwork.

Come and be aspired to greater heights!

HolisticJunction.com is a personal and web-based community that prides itself with having over a million site hits monthly and over 13,000 page views per day!

For further information, contact PR Director – ladycamelot@pbtcomm.net

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