Improved Identification of Encrypted P2P Protocols, Identification of Direct Download Links and BitTorrent Whitelisting ipoque Introduces PRX Traffic Manager 2.3

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(PRWEB) April 30, 2007

ipoque (, provider of professional solutions for Internet traffic management and analysis, announces the new version 2.3 of its PRX Traffic Manager. The PRX product line provides a tool for the effective control of applications such as P2P file sharing, Instant Messaging (IM) and VoIP, including Skype, for enterprises, ISPs, universities etc. The new version of the PRX Traffic Manager with its extended functionality meets the requirements of large network operators and provides a maximum flexibility.

The PRX product line for Internet traffic management and analysis comprises hardware traffic managers for Gigabit and Fast Ethernet. The ipoque filter technology works in two principle ways.

On one hand, it provides the opportunity of completely blocking applications such as P2P file sharing, IM, VoIP or Skype, which are able to bypass legacy firewalls. On the other hand, ipoque Traffic Managers allow an intelligent user-based bandwidth control as well as an improved utilization of backbone networks by throttling P2P traffic automatically in situations of high network load.

Version 2.3 with Advanced Benefits for Optimized Traffic Management

The PRX Traffic Manager 2.3 was extended with some leading-edge functionalities. Besides the improved identification of encrypted P2P protocols, a significant innovation is the whitelisting feature for BitTorrent.

It allows the differentiated treatment of BitTorrent trackers. Desired legal trackers such as can be registered in a whitelist so that their BitTorrent traffic is accepted. All other BitTorrent traffic can be blocked. In addition, the new version of the PRX Traffic Manager offers the identification of Internet traffic caused by filehosters. Filehosters such as Rapidshare, or are being used ever more frequently to distribute copyrighted data files on the Internet. Due to measurements conducted by ipoque, an estimated share of over 5% of Germany┬┤s overall Internet traffic is currently caused by such filehosters. This share will very likely increase significantly during the next months.

The data files are uploaded on a filehoster┬┤s server by private users. A link to these files is then distributed by other means, most commonly through blogs and web pages. Clicking on such a link will download the file directly from the filehoster’s server. In most cases, a password provided on the web page containing the link is required to decrypt the actual data files. A limited download of data files is always possible and free of charge. For a fee, data files can be downloaded at full DSL speed. Some of the major filehosting operators run large data centers. Rapidshare for example provides its users a storage capacity of over 1,500 terabytes with a total bandwidth of 90 gigabits/s.

About ipoque:

ipoque has been founded in Leipzig, Germany, in the beginning of 2005. The company specializes in professional solutions for application- and user-aware traffic management and analysis. Its line of hardware traffic managers for Gigabit and Fast Ethernet allows an effective control of undesired network applications. These include file sharing in peer-to-peer networks (P2P), instant messaging (IM) and Voice over IP (VoIP) including the popular Skype. In addition to the bandwidth management, all network traffic can be captured and analyzed in real-time. ipoque offers its customers consultancy services and the development of individual traffic management and analysis solutions based on its standard products. ipoque’s customers comprise enterprises of all sizes, public and educational institutions and Internet service providers. More information at

Further Information:

ipoque GmbH

Karl-Heine-Str. 99

D-04229 Leipzig


Press Contact:

Klaus Mochalski

Tel.: +49 (341) 2 41 96 09

Fax: +49 (341) 2 41 96 08

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