Leading Digital Brand for Men Presents Fitness Videos from the Incarcerated

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New York, NY (PRWEB) August 31, 2007

Heavy.com, one of the web’s leading online brands and the leader for 18-34 year old guys is turning fatties fit with “Workout from the Pen,” an irreverent new exercise series taught by Alhambra Correctional Facility’s Cell Block 5, Workoutfromthepen.heavy.com/).

Heavy’s fitness “insiders” show you that you don’t need a fancy gym membership get in shape, just a few phone books, and some time–a lot of time! The “Workout from the Pen” channel also features the now legendary Filipino prison yard “Thriller” video, in addition to a series of the famed dancing troupe’s popular dance routines.        

“Our audience knows that prison is where dudes get seriously huge, but instead of going on a crime spree before getting ripped, they can just go to Heavy.com,” said Jason Marks, VP of Programming for Heavy. “Further, we’re so proud that ‘Workout from the Pen’ inspired prisoners from as far away as the Philippines to get in shape that we’ve paid homage to them by including their amazing Thriller video and other routines on the channel.”

Make sure to check out all of the “Workout from the Pen” episodes on Heavy.com:

Exercise with Conviction – It’s visitation time. Meet your workout crew from Cell Block 5. Keepin’ you strong and singin’ a song. http://www.heavy.com/video/11526    

Philippine Prison Thriller – The classic “Thriller” video, recreated in a Philippine prison yard during exercise hour. Say, you don’t suppose all these guys are in for molesting little…nah… http://www.heavy.com/video/18027

Hard Time, Hard Pecs – Tired of getting shanked? Jesus and crew show you how to criminally reform your flabby chest. http://www.heavy.com/video/12037

Prison Gaga – The prison “Thriller” video gets mashed up with a different 80s pop hit. http://www.heavy.com/video/19589

Inside Nutrition – Enjoy each meal like it’s your last with Cell Block 5’s nutrition segment. Your guide to fresh food from the can. http://www.heavy.com/video/12409

Black Eye Prison Peas – Wait. Now the Filipino Prison Yard Dancers are doing a routine to a Black Eyed Peas song? Haven’t they been punished enough? http://www.heavy.com/video/19621

Work Your Ab-Doobies – It’s “Abs of Steel” behind the bars of iron as Jesus and crew show you how to get the perfect 6-pack during your 5-to-10. http://www.heavy.com/video/12785

You Don’t Know Squats – Feel the burn with the “Beatdown” and other lower body exercises. Plus, the spring prison fashion segment! Correctional orange is in! http://www.heavy.com/video/13162

About Heavy.com:

Heavy is one of the web’s leading consumer media companies and the leader for 18-34 year old males, which is a key demographic for marketers and advertisers. Heavy combines its own unique programming with those of its users to create an environment where you can control and even participate in your own media experience. Heavy empowers its audience to share, editorialize, and create their own content as well as provide its own library of programming. Heavy’s programming staples include “Superficial Friends,” “Kung Fu Jimmy Chow,” “The Massive Mating Game,” “Heavy News,” “Behind the Music that Sucks,” “Heavy’s Angels,” “Contagious,” “Blisster” and “Tourettes Cowboy.” Portions of Heavy’s library of animation and live-action shorts are available on Verizon V-Cast, Verizon Fios, Comcast VOD, Tivo, Sony PSP, Apple iPod and Joost. Advertisers on the broadband network include Coors, Nissan, Panasonic, Diesel, Axe, Sony and Nike.


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