Netherlands VPN Server Gives Access to IP Addresses in a Country on the Forefront of Online Freedom

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 15, 2014

idcloak is announcing the release of its Netherlands VPN server. According to Connor Mills, web researcher at idcloak Technologies, Internet censorship in the Netherlands is practically nonexistent, “The Netherlands serves as a bastion of online freedom and anti-censorship. Some internet providers have been brought to court to block the torrent site Pirate Bay due to copyright infringement issues, but the house of representatives in the Netherlands has consistently spoken out against internet filtering. Two years ago, the majority of the lower house supported progressive ‘net neutrality’ laws to restrict the blocking of internet services, the use of ‘deep packet inspection’ utilized in targeted marketing practices, and any other form of filtering or manipulating online traffic. These laws were ratified by the Senate last year. The result of these decisions is a governmental principal reflecting a respect for internet privacy and freedom. If you are operating through an IP address in the Netherlands, you can rest assured that you are browsing free from censorship and surveillance.”

With idcloak’s Dutch VPN server users gain access to all of the freedom and privacy that Dutch citizens have by accessing the internet through a localized IP address. Their data will be sent through a highly encrypted VPN tunnel using openVPN software via TCP port 443. This port is used for all standard encrypted browser traffic, meaning users blend in with everyday web surfers.

idcloak Technologies also offers users a free VPN service, which will assist in the circumvention of minor unblocking and privacy issues. Using these two services should give privacy-conscious users all they need to surf the web in anonymity and free of restrictions.

idcloak Technologies is a Dallas Internet services company concerned with the promotion of freedom, security and privacy on the web. For further information on the company’s work, visit

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