New Social Media App Launching at Comic-Con Transforms Virtual Connections Into Encounters

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

A new social media app available now in the App Store will help visitors to Comic-Con 2014 come out from behind their mobile devices, meet new people and actually do something together. Unlike other apps that create virtual connections, ConnectiKon is designed to help users connect in person, allowing them to make the most out of the annual convention.

Users wanting to get a jump on the Comic-Con social scene can download the app and start connecting now by logging into San Diego to view and post events related to their interests. Users can then continue to log in to the app while they are at the convention to add new events, and find out what others are out and about doing. ConnectiKon will facilitate a better social experience for attendees, allowing people to find others who are attending not only the official Comic-Con panels and programs, but also the “unofficial” parties and events that surround the convention.

“We chose to launch ConnectiKon at Comic-Con because these are our people,” said Jesse Singer, a former Yahoo executive who has spent the past two years developing the app. “They are super active folks who love to engage with each other live and in-person. That’s perfect for us because CKON is all about finding that great after-hours poker game, the Yoda beer pong party, the Storm Trooper breakfast. It’s not about sharing something with old friends, it’s about doing something with new people and having fun together.”

In fact, “Do Something” is ConnectiKon’s slogan, and its founders seek to distinguish it from the glut of what Co-founder and Creative Director Adam Klugman calls ‘share something’ apps. “There are plenty of apps out there that help people share stuff, and they are great. But ConnectiKon is a ‘do something’ app.”

ConnectiKon puts the fun front and center. Users can get as creative as they want, entering any three words they can think of to ‘tag’ their activities. These ‘tags’ then appear on a word cloud where other users discover and then tap them to find out more about the activity and the person who posted it. Each time a user drills down, they find more information. Even the profiles are designed to be playful, asking questions like a user’s favorite band, their favorite food, their favorite movie or to fill-in-the-blank: “I’d rather be__________.”

“Socializing should be fun and so should the tools we use to facilitate it,” said Klugman. “That’s what ConnectiKon is all about—using your mobile device to have fun discovering local people who share your passions and interests—all with a user experience that is entirely different from anything out there. And because CKON is a truly global app, the cloud is everywhere. So if you want to do something, no matter where you are in the world, all you have to do is tap it.”

Watch the ConnectiKon video.

About ConnectiKon

Adam Klugman and Jesse Singer founded ConnectiKon in 2012 to develop a new mobile social media app to connect people with the same interests. They recognized the evolution of social media and saw shared virtual experiences starting to replace lived experiences, necessitating the need for people to use technology to “do something” in a way that facilitates real-world, human encounters. With everyone connected virtually through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and a plethora of social media apps, ConnectiKon is a way to give people the power to engage each other, in the real world, based on their own interests and passions, regardless of how unique or quirky those might be. Download ConnectiKon at the App Store.


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