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What's This?

(PRWEB) March 15, 2005

Run out of Oscar Nominees? Exhausted your Netflix Queue? Come where our intrepid betentacled reviewer will guide you through the best films you’ve never seen from the silent era to the independent films of today all encoded into DiVX or XVid AVIs, easily convertible to burn onto DVDs, and distributed through the revolutionary peer-to-peer program Bit Torrent for a price of $ 2 per film and all downloads are 100% legal as we use only public domain, orphaned works or films to which we have been given the distribution rights.

These are movies you have probably never seen and may never get a chance to again- films which are virtually unknown or unavailable and they are yours to download for less than a video store rental fee.

Come join the digital video distribution revolution at

For the grand opening, we’re offering up two cinematic treats, both about the end of the world, Peter Watkins’ pseudodocumentary The War Game and Roger Corman’s surreal hippie fantasy, Gas-s-s-s. Free clips from scenes of both are available and check back in a couple of weeks for our next feature!

The Film Squid


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