Outclass all other media servers with the OutClass dedicated Apple TV Media Server

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UK (PRWEB UK) 20 July 2013

With absolutely no hacking or jailbreaking of the Apple TV required, OutClass offers simplicity for the consumer who is looking to rip and store a large movie collection on a server and enable it to be accessed from any number of Apple TVs around the house. To rip a disc to the OutClass, all the user has to do is insert a disc and the server automatically takes care of the ripping operation and ejects the disc when it is finished, ready for the next one to be inserted. Full metadata is provided for album artwork, subtitles in multiple languages and movie artwork from a database of over 700,000 titles.

Working in both the Windows and Mac OS environments, the OutClass will also stream movies and/or music to almost any DLNA and UPNP certified devices, including smart TVs, SONOS systems, Squeezebox and Russound multi-room systems for maximum compatibility. Multiple streams of the same content or different streams can be played at the same time across the user’s unlimited collection of Apple TVs and DLNA streamers. At the same time movies can also be streamed to an iPad or downloaded from the OutClass for viewing on an iPad at a later time.

Each OutClass is supplied fully configured but is also completely customisable, with the ability to configure the system to rip discs to whatever formats the user requires. Music from CDs can be ripped to WAV, FLAC or Apple Lossless and an additional MP3 as a dual rip to provide, for example, a high quality copy for the home and a compressed version for use on a portable device such as an iPod. Ripping of DVDs can be done to either an uncompressed VIDEO_TS format or an ISO image format and Blu-rays are ripped to either an uncompressed BDMV folder format or ISO format for playback via DNLA products such as Dune HD, Popcorn Hour, XBMC, Windows Media Center etc. Apple TV compatibility is ensured by automatic conversion to M4V format after the initial media is ripped, then automatically adding it to iTunes hosted on the Outclass server. For users only wishing to partner the OutClass with Apple TVs, the server can be set to automatically delete the uncompressed movie rip, retaining the .M4V version to dramatically reduce the required storage capacity.

Full native rips are a 1:1 of the original disc, retaining the uncompressed 1080p signal and are 3D compatible. The soundtrack is also retained in the original format, for example DTS Master HD for a ripped Blu-ray. The latest Apple TVs will maintain a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal along with full 1080p video.

OutClass can be purchased in either a stand alone format with internal storage between 1TB and 4TB RAID 1 or as a rack mounted solution containing up to 60TB of RAID 5 disc storage, which is enough for 1500 Blu-ray discs to be stored in native format. Alternatively, the server can be purchased for use with an external NAS (network attached storage) drive. Data security is paramount and all drive-equipped servers are supplied with RAID protection. The high performance Seagate drives are hot swappable in the event of a failure and are covered by a five-year warranty. An additional backup can be made to an attached USB or network drive.

Unlimited and free of charge telephone and remote support is provided with each system, with the ability for troubleshooting and any re-configuration, should the customer’s requirements change, to be done via remote access. During installation, Hage will also provide free network support in order to assist with the commissioning of the system. The OutClass comes with a one-year warranty on the server, three years on the NAS and five years on the drives.

Adam Brinton, managing director of Hage Ltd., says of the OutClass, “The Apple TV has brought streaming media into the homes of thousands of consumers. Now with OutClass people can take their Apple TV to the next level, using the server to store their entire movie, music and photo collection and streaming it seamlessly to single or multiple rooms, without the need for complex and costly distributed AV systems.” He adds, “For installers the OutClass opens up many possibilities to supply a simple but highly effective multi-room AV distribution system; cutting installation time, removing the need for support visits and providing their customers with a solution that anyone who owns an Apple TV can immediately use.”


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