P4P Working Group Forms Non-Profit Corporate Alliance

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Washington, DC (PRWEB) January 25, 2009

Verizon Communications, Pando Networks, and the Distributed Computing Industry Association (http://www.DCIA.info), today announced that the P4P Working Group, a DCIA working group, has formalized its structure as a non-profit corporate alliance.

P4P refers to an advanced technology for accelerating peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution of content and optimizing utilization of Internet service provider (ISP) network resources in order to provide the best possible performance to end-user customers.

Doug Pasko, Senior Technologist at Verizon, and Laird Popkin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Pando, who have served as co-chairs of the working group since its inception in July 2007, have been elected Co-Chairs of the Board of Directors (BOD) of the newly formed P4P Working Group Ltd. (P4PWG).

Pando Networks CTO and P4PWG Co-Chair Laird Popkin said, “The most recent round of P4P testing demonstrated substantial progress in improving content delivery performance and reducing costs. P4P adoption will be a winning proposition for consumers, content owners, and broadband network operators. The P4P Working Group’s new status as a non-profit corporate alliance will allow us to implement an intellectual property rights (IPR) policy for members and move towards that goal.”

Verizon Communications Senior Technologist and P4PWG Co-Chair Doug Pasko added, “The second round of P4P trials again illustrated how ISPs can operate more efficiently if traffic remains on their own networks. The P4P Working Group’s formal structuring will facilitate the completion of work on a final specification for P4P, which will represent its next major step towards commercial deployment.”

Other Members of the P4PWG Board of Directors include Yale University’s Richard Yang, Akamai’s Haiyong Xie, AT&T’s Steven Wright, Abacast’s Jim Kott, Telefonica’s Emilio Sepulveda, Solid State Networks’ Rick Buonincontri, and the DCIA’s Marty Lafferty.

In addition to announcing the Board of Directors, P4PWG Co-Chairs Pasko and Popkin also announced that Velocix’s David Ferguson has agreed to serve as Chair of the new Interoperability Sub-Group.

Membership in the non-profit corporate alliance is open on a voluntary basis to current participants in the working group and other qualified entities. Interested parties, including P2P software distributors and ISPs, are encouraged to call 410-476-7965 or e-mail P4PWG (at) dcia (dot) info for more information about joining.

About the P4P Working Group

The P4P Working Group Ltd. (P4PWG) was established under the auspices of the Distributed Computing Industry Association (http://www.DCIA.info) in July 2007, and formalized as a non-profit corporate alliance in January 2009.

The P4PWG’s mission is to assist Internet service providers (ISPs) and peer-to-peer (P2P) software distributors in accelerating content distribution and optimizing network resource utilization to provide the best possible performance for end-user customers.

It is co-chaired by Doug Pasko (Verizon Communications) and Laird Popkin (Pando Networks).

Active participants include Abacast, AHT International, Alcatel-Lucent, Allsii, Andolis, Arrisi, AT&T, Bell Labs, BitTorrent, Bezeq International, Camiant, China Mobile, Cisco Systems, CloudShield, Comcast, Conviva, Digimeld, Digital Containers, Dow Lohnes, France Telecom, Fujin Technologies, GridNetworks, Huawei, Immedia Semiconductor, Itiva, Joost, Juniper Networks, Kontiki, Level 3 Communications, LimeWire, LiveStation, Manatt, mBit, Microsoft, Nokia, Orange, Oversi, Pavlov Media, PeerApp, PeeringPortal, PPLive, Qwest, RawFlow, Solid State Networks, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefonica Group, Telstra, Thomson, University of Toronto, Velocix, VeriSign, Vuze, University of Washington, Yahoo, and Yale University Laboratory of Networked Systems (LANS). There are a similar number of P4PWG observers.

Media Contacts

Verizon Communications

James Smith


james (dot) albert (dot) smith (at) verizon (dot) com

Pando Networks

Lisa Neumyer


lneumyer (at) pando (dot) com

DCIA / P4P Working Group

Kelly Larabee


kelly (at) dcia (dot) info

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