Premium File Sharing Application, Rhever, Takes Center Stage in P2P Download Arena

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Corona, CA (PRWEB) June 4, 2008

Rhever is delighted to announce the launch of their premium file sharing service. Offering a legal alternative to the contentious peer-to-peer (P2P) market, the new service from Rhever eliminates many of the frustrations current downloaders experience. It’s this ease-of-use and improved features that stands Rhever above the current P2P competition, according to the company.

“While the legal aspect of file sharing is an ongoing issue, there’s no denying that the method is the natural progression for watching the latest movies or listening to the newest CD’s,” says a Rhever spokesman. “Yet much of the current technology and software is frustrating, to say the least – slow download times, viruses and corrupt files are just some of the annoying aspects of P2P file sharing. Our software allows users to easily search from over 25 million files; our servers also allow download speeds of up to 25MB/s. We’re confident that Rhever offers users the best and most practical solution available today.”

As their website mentions, it’s the features of Rhever that set it apart from the numerous other File Sharing solutions. Apart from having the fastest download speed and largest decentralized directory of files, subscribers to the services offered by Rhever will also benefit from:

2,000 GB’s of new files added daily
Access to High Speed servers run by government, colleges, University research departments and NASA
Propriety decentralized index of files negates the need for Bit Torrent searches
Censor-free index and resources
No adware/spyware
No peer/leecher system found on competitor sites
Members of the Rhever community will be allocated 15GB’s of monthly download bandwidth. Potential users can sign up for a free trial, with 2GB’s of download bandwidth allocated to them for the trial period.

Rhever’s servers ensure that no viruses or fake files are uploaded to the service. Each of its 60,000 servers are run by an administrative team that monitors the servers for any rogue files – viruses, fake uploads and other negative features that are removed instantly. This allows Rhever to maintain a clean index of files that results in direct server downloads without interruption.

Future enhancements to the Rhever service include integrated file and comment rating systems, file previews with full video, audio, image and document preview support, and network specific information regarding files and the fastest download servers. As free file sharing websites continue to fall under the jurisdiction of the movie and music industry regulators, and MySpace and Youtube offer free alternatives to video sharing, the premium service offered by Rhever heralds the next stage in P2P downloads.


Located in Corona, CA, Rhever is leading the way in premium file sharing using proprietary indexing technology. The company offers the fastest download speeds and largest file directory of any file sharing host.

Further details about Rhever are available at


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