Prodigem Inc. Kicks Off New Peer-To-Peer Content Marketplace with Movie Shot in High Definition

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Mountain View, CA (PRWEB) April 14, 2005

Prodigem, a leader in providing legal bit torrent downloads, today announced the availability for purchase of the docudrama “On Our Way Up” shot in stunning high definition. Utilizing Prodigem’s new Prodigem Marketplace, Producer Ben Buie has made his HD (720p) movie set in the rough streets of Atlanta’s ‘Zone 6’ available for download for only $ 5.99.

Interested customers need only create a free Prodigem account and then simply purchase the content from the movie’s description page. Once purchased, customers then have the ability to access a special bit torrent (peer-to-peer) session so that they can download and enjoy the movie. Any bit torrent software client in use today will work with this system. Given recent studies indicating bit torrent as composing of almost 1/3rd of worldwide internet traffic, Prodigem is proud to be offering content in this nascent global standard.

“Prodigem really has something here, this is the only paid BitTorrent system on the planet, and it seems like the holy grail for people trying to distribute their content on-line,” said Buie on the opportunity to sell his movie via Prodigem. Indeed, the Prodigem Marketplace provides an exciting new resource to content providers, whether in the mainstream or on the long tail. It provides an easy-to-use web interface where media producers can upload their content and with the push of just a few buttons, have Prodigem hosting it at their set sale price or for free. Through its use of bit torrent and the bandwidth savings provided by it, unparallelled infrastructure cost-savings can be achieved and passed on to all parties. Prodigem keeps only 10% + transaction fees for each content purchase.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. Through our innovative use of the most popular peer to peer software in existence, producers of content anywhere can reach their audience without any bounds. One should hope that the Supreme Court takes appropriate notice,” said Gary Lerhaupt, president of Prodigem, Inc. in reference to MGM v. Grokster.

About Prodigem

Prodigem, Inc. is a leading provider of legal bit torrent downloads. Its

hosting services completely automate and simplify the process of distributing content via bit torrent and its Marketplace is a one of a kind resource for generating revenue for this content. For more information, please visit

About “On Our Way Up”

“On Our Way Up” is an urban docudrama set in one of the roughest hoods in the United States, Atlanta’s “Zone 6” (nicknamed “Little Vietnam”). Witness first-hand a world of drug deals, drive by shootings, assassinations, and abject poverty, and then see how they rise above it all. A true story, the subjects of the film (Anthony Clark, Emmanuel Clark, Brian Clark, and Charles Freeman) actually started their own studio (Three C Studios) and financed and co-produced the film. Ultimately they hope “On Our Way Up” can inspire other young African Americans to escape a life of drugs and killing, even when it seems like their only option. It is available for purchase via Prodigem at and more information is available at


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