Reacht Launches Oscar Challenge, Announces Entertainee of the Year Award

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Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) February 05, 2015

During the Academy Awards on February 22, 2015, Reacht host the Oscar Challenge and ask movie fans to pick the winner of each Oscar category in real-time. The person who picks the most Oscars correctly will win the prestigious Inaugural Entertainee of the Year Award and an invaluable $ 100 VISA gift card.*

This isn’t your parents’ Academy Award contest, where you have to make your picks ahead of time. No, this one happens the night of Academy Awards. Participants will receive a question on Reacht asking them who the winner of each category is minutes before the envelope is opened.

“I always regret most of my Oscar picks half way through the show,” says Dan Morrison, Reacht’s CMO. “We designed the Oscar Challenge so people can wait till the last minute before having to make their picks.”

In addition to the Entertainee of the Year award, four other movie fans will win:

Best Picture Picker: A person drawn at random among the participants who correctly picked the winner of the Best Picture category (plus a $ 50 gift card).

The Avant Garde Award: A person drawn at random among the participants who correctly picked the winner of the Foreign Film category (plus a $ 50 gift card).

The Activist Award: The person who answers the most questions in Reacht’s ENTERTAINMENT group before the Oscars, starting 2/8/2015. If a tie, the winner will be drawn at random from eligible participants (plus a $ 50 gift card).

The Populous Award: A person drawn at random from everyone who answered at least one Reacht Oscar Challenge question on Oscar night (plus a $ 50 gift card).

To participate, you must download the Reacht app at the Apple App Store or Google Play, sign-up for a Reacht account and join the group ENTERTAINMENT on Reacht (group code: entertainment). Starting on February 8th, Reacht ENTERTAINMENT will ask a question of the day. Then on Oscar night, Reacht will send a question asking you who will win each Oscar category as the nominations are being announced on television. For your answer to be eligible, you will need to answer one minute before the winner is announced on television. We will announce our winners no later than February 23, 2015.

Download Reacht for iPhone and Android and start your walk down the red carpet.

If you want more information or a press interview, please call Dan Morrison at 540.642.8104 or email him at dan AT reachtapp DOT com.

About Reacht

Reacht is a software company located in Fredericksburg, VA. We make simple, easy to use software that allows people to engage and interact. Our team has been creating innovative enterprise, consumer and mobile software for over twenty years – we hope you like it!

*In the case of a tie, we will pick the winner at random from the eligible participants.

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