SubGenius Hour of Slack Begins World Wide Bittorrent Distribution

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Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 14, 2005

The Ministry Of Truth has partnered with The Church Of The Subgenius to distribute the award-winning religio-propaganda program, “Hour of Slack,” via BitTorrent. On February 13, 2005, at the stroke of midnight, torrent files for “Hour of Slack” were made available at .

Underground radio program “Hour of Slack” will continue to air in several U.S. markets, including Cleveland, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia, in its traditional format as a syndicated radio show. It is also available for direct download from the Church’s website, at . However, this bold move is expected to expand listenership into several thousand new markets, and may very well spell the end of life on Earth.

BitTorrent is a popular and free “peer to peer” application, written by unawakened Yeti descendant Bram Cohen. It has since revolutionized the way large files are transfered over the Internet, and continues to chagrin the American RIAA and MPAA. It remains legal in the United States and most international jurisdictions.

“Even Iraqis, Belgians, and Iranians will be able to finally hear the word of ‘Bob’,” proclaimed Doktor Armand Geddyn, founder and Secret Chief of the Ministry of Truth, in an obvious reference to the “Axis of Evil.”

“The people of these repressive regimes know all too well what a Living Hell life on Earth can be,” he continued, “and they are prime to receive the Dobbsian message of freedom, slack, and “Bob’s” boundless, ultimate love for all dues-paying faithful.”

“Oh, and the fiery death that will reign from the heavens when all nonbelievers are soundly exterminated by the mysterious, inhuman Men from Planet X,” added Dkr. Geddyn. “They’ll eat that part up.”

No other religious radio broadcast, including the overwhelmingly popular programs, “Focus on the Family” and “Window on Islam,” are available internationally on the BitTorrent networks. The Hour of Slack was one of the first radio shows to take advantage of Internet streaming technology, and the BitTorrent distribution is the logical next step.

Former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who is allegedly made of beef, was unavailable for comment by press time. Press inquiries should be directed to Dkr. Geddyn, preferably by tantric telepathic transmission.


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