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(PRWEB) February 9, 2000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                CONTACT: Jane Rohman



What’s going to bring venture capitalists to their knees?





“Who needs to wait for broadband?” says Herbert Becker, CEO of start-up, the inventor of a revolutionary new broadcast technology that will single-handedly tear down the wall between broadcast video and the Internet.

The proprietary new technology, called EnterVision Broadcaster, makes possible real time, television-quality transmissions over the Internet with a connection as low as 56K.

That’s right. Watch live football, fast breaking news, Alan Greenspan, a movie — just as you would on TV. No fancy equipment or plug-ins. No waiting for data to cache to your drive. Just point your browser to the URL and presto, you’re watching live television on your computer.

The technology “represents a gigantic step forward in the evolution of the Internet, turning your browser into television.” says John Bianco, President of EnterVision’s new U.S. operation in New York. plans to build its own or partner with a distribution network and form alliances with content providers. Licensing the technology is also being considered. “We are moving fast to leverage the power of this phenomenal technology”, says Becker.

EnterVision Broadcaster:

1.    Truly delivers television quality viewing (at the 30 frames per second, the same as television). None of the choppy, matchbook-size, grainy moving images you’re used to seeing on webcasts that stream into your computer at 6-15 frames per second. Instead, you get true television-like quality in a viewing screen that’s two-to-three times larger than the norm. (See for yourself in the showcase section on our website:


2. Makes possible real-time broadcasting. EnterVision Broadcaster brings you the action as it is happening in real-time whether it’s a pre-recorded event or live. It is different from anything on the market beaming directly from a server to your browser. It doesn’t rely on streaming technology like today’s webcasts, which are not only poor quality, but aren’t actually “live” since there’s a delay between the time something is shot and streamed to your computer. (The delay depends on how fast the video is digitized and compressed into a streaming file, and then loaded onto a streaming server, where it is made available for streaming on the Internet.)

3. Requires no-plug ins. EnterVision Broadcaster is Java based and works through your browser. You don’t need special hardware, software, cables, etc. Just a minimum 56K modem connection.

4. Delivers at the very popular 56K home connection speed. Introduced five years ago, the 56K modem is the most popular connection speed in America today, used by nearly half of the 42 million U.S. households with computer dial-up connections. It’s quickly replacing the slower standard 28.8 modem as consumers upgrade or buy computers with pre- installed 56K modems, which have been on the market for two years.

EnterVision is the umbrella brand name for a number of products and services that the company has developed including EnterVision Encoder, a powerful, proprietary audio/video compression process, that takes the speed and quality of streaming and downloadable video at slow connections to an entirely new level.

It compresses video down to a 4K data rate without compromising the quality of streaming video, a level of quality unmatched in the industry.* The result: Fast starting, larger frame sizes (double to triple the norm), smooth flowing streaming video — even on a 28.8 modem connection. For downloading video, long, frustrating waits are history, taking a fraction of the time it used to while keeping the quality intact. The technology works to enhance all popular streaming formats such as QuickTime 4, RealPlayer, Media Player, etc. EnterVision Encoder is only available through the company’s service bureaus, but the company plans to license the technology.

Tested by Apple, EnterVision Encoder was sited as the best compression process at low data rates in the industry by the editor’s of Apple’s QuickTime Gazette.


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