Top 10 Amazon Horror Authors Platt & Wright Agree Piracy’s Not All Bad When They Discover Their Titles Being Shared Illegally

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Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) December 24, 2012

Post-apocalyptic thriller Yesterday’s Gone is being pirated on file sharing networks, it has emerged. The serialized novel by Sean Platt and David Wright was first uploaded to torrent sites in November.

Yesterday’s Gone author Sean Platt said discovering his work was being pirated raised mixed emotions.

“Hearing our work was being shared illegally was a bittersweet experience,” Platt said. “Bitter, because as indy published authors, we have very little power to stop our work being shared, and we rely on the income we earn from our books to keep writing.

“Sweet, because being pirated shows how much people want our books – we’re up there on the pirate sites with the world’s best movies, novels and computer games. If no one was interested in what we were doing, we wouldn’t get pirated.

“Of course, we’d much rather readers bought our books, especially as they’re such good value, but sadly digital piracy is fact of life in the world we live in.”

Yesterday’s Gone tells the story of a motley crew of apocalypse survivors, including a journalist, a serial killer, a bullied teen, a fugitive, and an eight year old boy with mystical powers, as they fight for their lives and uncover what’s happened to the rest of the world.

The story is told in seasons of six episodes each, with episodes released weekly while the season runs. The first episode of season one launched in July 2011.

“We weren’t even sure if readers would be interested in the serialized fiction model,” said David Wright. “We had to keep faith in what we were doing, as in the first couple of months we only sold a few copies. Only when we released season two did sales really pick up, and now the series as a whole has over 300 five star reviews. We get emails all the time asking us to hurry up and write the next season.”

Season three of Yesterday’s Gone launched earlier this year, and season four will come out summer 2013.

Individual episodes are priced $ 2.99 each, which a full season of Yesterday’s Gone, containing six episodes is $ 5.99. An omnibus edition of seasons one and two is available for $ 9.99.

Other titles by Platt and Wright, published by their indy imprint Collective Inkwell, include WhiteSpace, ForNevermore and A vailable Darkness.

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