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Top 12 Torrents Search Engines for Hunting Movie Torrents

You will find lots of websites available that provide free Movies. But our list provides The best and popular sites from where one can search and download your preferred Movies.

1. ThePirateBay

The Pirate Bay may be the biggest Bit-torrent tracker on the planet. Famous for its blatant disregard for intellectual property privileges, they’re a beacon of sunshine for a neutral Internet. The site is simple to use and efficient with limited abilities.


Torrentz is really a popular Torrent indexing and Torrent internet search engine. This is among the only search engine that provides you a chance to look for files inside the torrents. They merely index torrents which have examined active with a minumum of one seed making the standard of the index the very best. If you are searching for unique items you should prefer this website.


Mininova is easy to use and greatest torrent listing sites. The website began in the month of january 2005 like a successor SuprNova, It’s a directory and internet search engine for a myriad of torrent files. Site visitors of mininova can anonymously upload torrents for this site, monitored by any Bit-torrent tracker. Mininova was the biggest successor of Suprnova’s shutdown.


Established at the begining of 2004, this website prospered in the demise of Suprnova. The majority of the torrents within this index have examined active inside a week. The search query choices are set from inside the query using similar syntax to Google. Your directory is a little odd, it’s split off right into a isoHunt release section along with a web release section. The interface is simple to use and packed with JavaScript.


NowTorrents has a few of the latest popular movie torrents. And they’ve good quality and awesome Movies on their website to look for the films.


YouTorrent is an excellent torrent internet search engine that scours twelve approximately different torrent search services and brings the outcomes for you on this page. Simply enter in the title the movie name that you’re searching for, and you’ll get a very good variety of results rapidly.


TorrentReactor has got the comprehensive report on torrents. The website claims it’s probably the most active torrents. TorrentReactor was much popular at first of the year, but nonetheless handled a location within the top list.Torrent Reactor has organized its movie torrents quite nicely into subject groups, to help you look for movies under subjects varying from Action to Romance and everything in-between.


Searches virtually all of the torrent sites for you personally and allows you see the results by site. This website categorizes the different torrent sites into torrent genre groups. A great for newcomers to begin.

9. Flixflux

FlixFlux is really a Bit-torrent site that concentrates on movie releases. Around the top of the page they list the united states box office charts, DVD rental charts, and also the United kingdom box office charts. Should you register you may also keep an eye on your preferred movies on the website.

FlixFlux includes a description for each film such as the IMDB rating and intends to add movie trailers as well as for their torrents soon, that is a fascinating feature.

10. CompleTorrent

CompleTorrent is really a comprehensive torrent search engine that allows you look for torrents on 100 torrent trackers concurrently.

11. Public Domain Movie Torrents

Features 100s of Torrents from out-of-copyright films in lots of formats. Regrettably there’s no central seeding, which means you better stay with the latest published items.

12. Demonoid

Demonoid – The very best private torrent source. Demonoid is really a popular private Bit-torrent tracker for peer-to-peer distribution of files. The web site includes a openly accessible search engine, although membership is needed to download a lot more than three torrents each week. Demonoid allows user registration only on Friday’s.

Demonoid is really a private Bit-torrent tracker, nevertheless it also indexes external torrents.

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Whats going on in the UK ?
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very good

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