TorGuard VPN Announces 40% off on CyberMonday

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Orange County, California (PRWEB) November 25, 2012

TorGuard anonymous VPN service has announced today they are offering a once a year discount on their service on Cyber Monday, November 26th. Only on this one day will it be possible to get their premium VPN service for as low as $ 2.99 per month. They have stressed how important it is not to miss the sale as this will be the very last opportunity to take advantage of a discount this big. According to their admin, this is a great savings for both new and current customers who are looking to get the best value out of their VPN provider. TorGuard anonymous VPN and proxy service now offers 30+ Secure server IP’s in over seven different countries, with newly added servers in the United States, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, Romania and New Zealand.

According to the TorGuard administrator, “Every internet connection, regardless of personal or public wifi, binds you to the terms and conditions of that provider. Many times, these terms of usage are vague, leaving the safety of your personal data to be determined by a policy you probably don’t have access to. One doesn’t have to be doing anything illegal either – there are many documented cases in which personal freedoms have been violated by ISP’s, website owners, and search engines. At TorGuard, we believe every law abiding citizen has the right to encrypt and protect their personal data online. Big businesses wouldn’t think of risking company secrets on an unsecured connection, so why should you?”

In an effort to make sure I wasn’t out of the loop, I asked the TorGuard admin, besides being used for downloading torrents anonymously, why else would someone need VPN service? He replied, “In today’s Internet age, more and more countries (USA included) are engaging in censorship activities. With TorGuard anonymous VPN services, we guarantee full anonymous Internet access from anywhere in the world. Maybe you’re traveling abroad and want to stream US based streaming services like Netflix, Pandora or Hulu. Or, maybe you need to unblock Facebook or watch funny youtube cat video’s while on company time. Either way, TorGuard VPN services give you open internet access to one of the fastest growing VPN Networks with 30+ secure IP’s in the country of your choice.”

Additionally, they announced that the discount also applies to their reseller packages – If someone is interested in starting their own VPN reseller business, they claim that this could be a highly profitable opportunity. Hypothetically, one could easily purchase bulk pre-paid service PIN numbers at a greatly discounted “CyberMonday” rate to be resold for a nice profit. The TorGuard support team claims to offer assistance in helping an interested party in setting up a vpn reseller business:

Before signing off, the TorGuard admin made a request for Android BETA Testers. He stated, “This week also marks the official beta launch of our TorGuard Android OpenVPN app, and we need our customer’s help in test driving it. Do you have a rooted Android device? If so, we want to talk to you! All Beta Testers will receive a FREE copy of our Beta TorGuard android app, and 14 days FREE service credit just for helping us test drive this new application. If you’re interested in joining our android beta team, meet us on the TorGuard forums for more info:

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