Trusight, Inc. Announces TruPwr Consumer App on iOS to Demonstrate Digital Luminance Management, DLM

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Cupertino, Ca (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Trusight, Inc. a leading provider of innovative digital content technology, announced today that its new iOS mobile device battery extender app is now available in Apple’s App Store.

Trusight is raising the bar for improved movie viewing and bandwidth reduction; their innovation enhances the performance of power management technology, delivering today, the portable battery capabilities most Original Equipment Manufacturers are hopeful to have perhaps seven years from now.

“Our new app on iOS is just the tip of the iceberg in content delivery system optimization and management. We look forward to continuing delivery of the pieces needed to reduce operation costs for system operators and content managers alike,” said Scott Slater, Trusight’s CEO and Founder.”

In our mobile world of devices, Trusight’s solution is directly benefiting consumers with simple to use applications that enhance their daily lives in a very obvious and direct way – more power means more time and greater utility from providers who deliver this benefit.

“Our new TruPwr app will provide mobile device users with a free option for immediate gains in viewing time and show how Trusight manages power with light,” stated Kevin Grundy, Trusight’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Mobile device users continue to face constraints from battery performance when watching videos and we hope that TruPwr will show them a new way to get more viewing time,” said Grundy.

TruPwr can be downloaded from the App Store and will play most popular media formats (visit for details), allowing you to watch your movies, videos or TV shows and extend the viewing time.

More information can be found about Trusight from their website at

About TruPwr

TruPwr is a mobile application, currently for iOS devices, that delivers a simple way to get more movie viewing time from your iOS device while watching your own movies when you are away from Internet or power sources. On any video enabled device, the screen display consumes the greatest amount of power. Just lowering the brightness to save power does not necessarily provide the best viewing experience. TruPwr adjusts both the content displayed and the backlight levels to achieve optimum viewing at several convenient brightness levels while also extending playback time.

More information can be found about TruPwr at

About Trusight, Inc.

Trusight – industry recognized as a core innovator in image processing technology, delivering massive improvements in content intelligibility, power savings and bandwidth reduction. Trusight is an incredibly light-weight solution for firmware and SOCs that allows our partners to implement game changing product enhancements. Compression agnostic, pre-processing and additive power reduction and bandwidth savings advantages allow direct revenue compensation to licensees in capture, distribution and display technology product manufacturing and content distribution markets. Technology patents and implementation options are available across the entire content pipeline. Corporate HQ in Silicon Valley, CA. See: View Trusight’s Power Savings demonstration here – Info and PR contact: Brian Hofstetter, Trusight, VP Marketing – 408-887-8014.

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