Two Midwest Music Talents, Envy and Fancy, Collaborate Again to Reimagine Mariah Carey’s Song Breakdown in Sizzling New Single

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Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

Two rising music artists, Fancy and Envy, from the Midwest Hip Hop and R&B scene have come together to create a sizzling new single, “Breakdown,” available on iTunes for download. The duo has previously collaborated on albums with 2010’s He Say, She Say and 2012’s Two4One. Now with each artist on the cusp of major success in the music industry, Envy and Fancy have joined once again for “Breakdown.” Breakdown is an original take on the Mariah Carey song featuring Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Fancy credits Carey as one of her biggest musical inspirations, and was driven to “reimagine” the song with Envy. A musical video for “Breakdown” recently finished filming, and the duo promises it’s a “controversial love story.” “I can’t say enough how happy I am with how it turned out,” said Envy. “I can’t wait for all of our fans to see it,” said Fancy. Fans of both artists will be elated to see the dynamic duo team up again for something new, after taking a break in 2013 to work on their respective careers. “The treatment we put together for the video was pages and pages long of dialogue and script. It’s going to blow people away,” added Envy.

Fancy is known for her hit “Fancy” which was featured in the ABC comedy Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23, as well as VH1’s Basketball Wives; the single was later featured on He Say, She Say. Her most recent album Curls, Pearls and Lollipops was released in 2013, and cable network HBO will feature the album’s single “Slo Mo” on their 2015 television series, Flesh and Bone. Envy hit #1 with his 2008 single “Ringtone” on the Billboard charts, and has had his music appear on television’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Orange is the New Black, and Married to Jonas. He began taking his music seriously at age 17, when his sister tragically passed away. Envy credits his sibling as one of the driving forces behind his music, and after her death, he began competing at open mic nights and rap battles, working his way up in the Minneapolis rap scene. Fancy too overcame a troubled past, after a life as a troubled teen mom, and found herself embracing music as a way to make a better life. At the 23rd LA Music Awards, she was nominated in two categories and was nominated in the 2nd Urban Music Awards in her hometown of Minneapolis. Fancy has experienced a new audience worldwide, with fans in Togo, Africa and Europe.

The two are dedicated to the industry, spending hours writing and composing. Fancy and Envy’s vocal collaborations are the result of years of work, gauging each other’s talents to create a captivating combination.

“Breakdown” can be streamed on the duo’s Soundcloud pages, and is now available for purchase for $ 0.99 from iTunes.

As 2015 approaches, “Breakdown” is only a hint of the musical gifts Envy and Fancy are ready to share with the world.

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