UsenetReviewz Announces Revamping Top NZB Sites Page And Support For NzbX Admin Against FACT

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Undisclosed Location, South America (PRWEB) July 12, 2013

In the first sentence of their announcement, “Top NZB Site List Revamp/Update, Plus Popular Indexer, NzbX Going Open Source” UsenetReviewz editors claimed that “You read that right, “Open Source,” then went on to inform their readers of their upcoming plans to revamp and update their Best NZB Sites list.

UsenetReviewz editors are saying that they have their hands full sorting out all the search indexes because there have been a lot of sites closed in recent months. But, where there is a hole, there will be something, or someone, to fill it up, and as fast as sites are closed, new ones open. According to the UsenetReviewz post, the list has a few closed sites on it, and lacks many of the newer sites. The announcement claims that, “When we are finished with it we believe the final product will be of much more benefit to you, our faithful readers.”

The UsenetReviewz announcement also gives some of the detail behind the closing of the NZB indexer,, claiming that the agent sent by FACT to the site owners’ home used Nazi-like tactics to scare and intimidate him. According to the July 5th 2013 TorrentFreak article, the site owner, Lemon, told that the agent came to his home while he and his wife were recovering from medical conditions and was threatening litigation among other things. Lemon told the agent that the site was in the process of being transferred to new owners, and that he would forward their requests to the new owners. According to Lemon though, after hearing of the development, the new owners backed out of the deal.

In the TorrentFreak article Lemon said that DMCA and other take-down requests are taken seriously and honored when justified. Lemon also told TorrentFreak that the agent compared his site to a streaming video site that was recently shut down, and he explained his site only indexed XML files that describe locations of content. He further told TorrentFreak that he would be developing an Open Source version of, an Open Source Hydra-indexer, that can be downloaded, will sync the NZB list, and handle a few other basic functions for the users. The UsenetReviewz announcement promised that they would be giving the new software a thorough examination.

In the announcement that lets the readers know that the “Best NZB Sites” page is being updated, editors alert the readers that there could be the occasional glitch, but the apologize in advance with, “Please bear with us if it [the Top NZB Sites page] becomes unreadable or difficult.” Telling the reader that the end results will be much more valuable to them in the long haul. The editors plan to start verifying all NZB index sites in the list, removing the closed or defunct sites over the course of the next few days. The editors also asked the readers for their input on which sites to include. They asked, “if there’s a new Index that you think we should include on the Top NZB Sites List, or write a review on, just let us know,” saying that the reader should send them suggestions via their Twitter feed.

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