WatzOn.TV Announces Online Television Channel for Battlestar Galactica fans

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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 30, 2014

WatzOn.TV has just announced a channel for any and every Battlestar Galactica fan out there. Full of the best material, fans can spend hours reliving the videos, books, games, and movies that make up this franchise. The channels on WatzOn.TV take away the hassle of flipping through programs and television stations that don’t match the viewer’s interests. Viewers can now focus on the latest Battlestar news, or spend time recalling the show’s greatest hits.

Battlestar Galactica has constantly expanded because of its dedicated and enthusiastic fans. Finally there is a place all those fans can tune in and enjoy all the aspects of their favorite franchise with a single click.

As described by Board of Directors Andrew Hartford & Joshua Anton, “This is intergalactic travel we are talking about, so why not have a modern platform to optimize your viewing experience? The new channel dedicated to all things Battlestar Gallactica combines the internet, wormholes, and the best of Sci Fi all in one place for the first time.”

WatzOn.TV is an application driven by end-user channel creation. It takes 60 seconds to make a channel dedicated to a favorite band or singer, and they will then be available to watch 24 hours a day. Viewers also have the option to vary their channels, or mix subjects and genre until the perfect channel has been created based on their preferences.

When someone is on WatzOn.TV, they are able to decide what kind of television experience they want without having to deal with commercials or the boring filler shows they don’t want to watch. It’s also perfect for businesses that are making their own TV shows, tutorial articles, reviews, clips, funny commentary, or any other video vehicles. Another key feature of WatzOn.TV is the ability to stop and start a channel without losing your place. There’s nothing better than having the system remember where a show was stopped, and then continue from that point without ever having to fast forward or rewind. WatzOn.TV is available for immediate download at iTunes and on Google Play and can be found online at http://www.WatzOn.TV.

About WatzOn.TV

Founded in 2013, WatzOn.TV is a worldwide innovator in on-demand video content streaming. The company offers a suite of applications designed to push video content out to any user who uses an iPhone, iPad, Android or computer, and enjoys on-demand streaming content and content curating. The ease of use and integration with video mediums makes it easy to use and accessible anywhere there is Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. WatzOn.TV will be presenting their new technology at CES and SXSW Interactive in 2014.

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