White Knight Press Releases Complete Guide Book for Nikon Coolpix P610 Camera

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Henrico, Virginia (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

White Knight Press has just released Photographer’s Guide to the Nikon Coolpix P610, a full-color, 234-page guide book covering all features and operations of the Coolpix P610 digital camera.

The Coolpix P610 camera, which is equipped with many features that appeal to serious amateur photographers, is distinguished by its tremendous “superzoom” lens, which extends from 24mm at the wide-angle setting to 1400mm at the extreme telephoto end. This lens, coupled with the camera’s many special features for processing images, makes the P610 particularly suitable for photography of birds and other wildlife at considerable distances, as well as subjects like the moon.

In addition to its superior, long-range zoom lens, the Coolpix P610 camera includes a strong set of advanced features, including numerous menu options for creative picture control; Wi-Fi features that let the camera transfer images wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet and that enable wireless remote control by those devices; built-in GPS functions for adding location data to images; and features for recording high-definition video footage as well as high-speed movies.

Although Nikon provides a reference manual for the camera in PDF form, the manual does not explain in detail the purpose of the camera’s features and does not offer step-by-step tutorials. The new P610 guide book from White Knight Press provides the specific guidance many users want in order to get the most enjoyment from their camera.

This trade-sized paperback was written specifically for the Coolpix P610 by Alexander White, the author of numerous guide books for advanced cameras from Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and other makers. As with each of his other camera guides, White took all of the sample photos for this book using his own P610 and worked extensively with the camera to understand its many settings so he could explain them fully in clear language.

The book includes more than 350 full-color images that illustrate the P610’s controls, display screens, and menus. The photographs include examples captured using the camera’s Scene shooting mode, with settings for subjects such as landscapes, sunsets, and action shots; the Special Effects mode, with image-altering settings; and the camera’s features for burst shooting.

In addition, the book provides introductions to topics such as infrared photography, street photography, and macro photography, and includes a detailed section on the use of the camera’s superzoom lens.

In three appendices, the book discusses accessories for the P610, including cases, external flash units, and power sources, and includes a list of useful web sites and other resources. The book also includes an appendix with “quick tips” for using the camera’s features in the most efficient ways. The book has a detailed table of contents and index, both of which can be downloaded for examination at whiteknightpress.com.

The paperback version of the Coolpix P610 guide book is available now for a list price of $ 24.95 through Amazon.com; it also is available in a Kindle edition through that site and in an edition for iPads and iPhones through the Apple iBookStore. The book also is available for $ 9.99 in downloadable PDF and ebook formats through whiteknightpress.com, and it is available from numerous other online booksellers.

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